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American Pantone Color Card
- Jun 18, 2018 -

     American Pantone Color Card:Provides flat color design, clothing home, paint, printing and other industries color card, is the color card widely used in the world.

    Pantone is headquartered in Carlstadt, NJ, New Jersey. It is an internationally recognized authority that specializes in the development and research of color. It is also a supplier of color systems and leading technologies, providing professional colors for many industries. Choice and precise communication language.    The name PANTONE® has become a global standard for color communication among designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers.

     In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, the founder of Pantone Company, developed an innovative color system that can identify, match, and communicate colors to solve the problem of creating accurate color matching in the graphics industry. He realized that everyone had different opinions on the same spectrum and brought about the innovation of PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM(TM), which is a fan-shaped standard color.

    For more than 40 years, Pantone has extended its color matching system to various industries where color occupies an important position, such as digital technology, textiles, plastics, architecture, and interior decoration. It will continue to develop color communication tools for various industries and boldly adopt new digital technologies to meet the needs of design and production professionals.

     At the end of 2007, Pantone Inc. was acquired by another color service company, X-rite, for $180 million.

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