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Hanger Is A Functional Commodity
- Feb 05, 2018 -

A hanger is a shelf for wearing clothes. Clothes hanger is a kind of furniture that appeared earlier in China, the Zhou Dynasty began to implement the ritual, the aristocratic stratum attaches great importance to the dress, in order to adapt to this kind of need, earlier appeared the shelves which used to hang clothes. The whole modelling of the clothes hanger in Ming Dynasty still maintained the traditional mode, but the material, production, decoration is especially fine. The Qing Dynasty clothes hanger also commonly known as the dress frame, mainly hangs the male to use robes, therefore, all hanger main girder is like two dearest Ssangyong.

The old clothes hanger to the modern has the new evolution and the development, the traditional style and the modern practical function unifies, has produced the new household product, does not have some charm.

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