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How to make fabric color cards
- Jun 23, 2018 -

How to make fabric color cards

Usually at work if you are not doing manufacturing or some agency sales are rarely exposed to the color card this thing, color card color production is also very particular, but there are also the intuitive impression of everyone. Xiao Bian has also made small samples of color cards, and made some color cards in the company. There are some ideas to share with everyone and hope to help!

Shape production:

The main thing is whether you like it or not. There is a look at whether the company has any implications or whether it has any relevance to the industry. The shape of Master's degree is actually a kind of “graphic and textual” performance. The simplest shapes are squares, diamonds, rectangles, circles, and so on. Xiao Bian made a copper-colored prototype color card in the company. Later, many were used to give it to others. The boss said whether this was “send money”. Later, it was changed again. It should also be noted when it is involved. Here's a similar situation.

String into a string:

You can use a large ring with a key ring or a small dot, but you have to adapt to the fabric's own properties. It is better to add a piece of cloth to the side of the fabric sample, such as hard paper, etc., and then create a string, so the effect will be better.

Paste on the swatch:

Layouts of well-made fabric samples are arranged on the swatches. Some people like to place them randomly. Indeed, if you design well, there will be great sensory effects. However, it is recommended that friends with a general design ability should have a certain amount of rules, and it would be better to have a neat discharge. This way, although it is not possible to advertise personalities, it is easy to find colors and it is intuitive.

Do cost sub:

For some products, if the company is small, the product is not a lot of companies, in order to save some costs, many will be made of swatches. However, the company is large in size and has many products. It also wants to highlight the company or the product's tallness. It is recommended to make a color card book, page by page, so that it has a series of feelings, and the book's The materials must be good.

Embroidered with color fonts:

According to Xiao Bian's observations and experience, many friends write color words on top of or below the standard sample when they do color cards. Here, Xiao Bian suggested that either individuals like fabric color swatches or words to be repaired directly on the edges or corners of non-colored samples, so that they can better show the attributes of fabric color cards.

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