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the color card is a tool
- Feb 04, 2018 -

Color card is the nature of the color in a certain material (such as: paper, fabric, plastic, etc.) on the embodiment of color selection, alignment, communication, is the color to achieve within a certain range of uniform standards of tools.

The color card is the bridge between the designer and the product. A color card is a preset tool. Designers choose color to the printing factory for physical production, in accordance with the designer of color selection of the original intention to create products, which require the designer of the product color preset. Now many printing industry designers in the market color selection judgment, each designer must have color sensitivity, because only then our printing products can meet the market demand.

Without a good color comparison, good color reproduction, it is difficult to win the market. A lot of times designers have to study the market, such as in the printing field, we have different colors of paper printing. Now the students have to do homework every day, however, the exercise book on color selection is also required, before our exercise book is white, but now we generally do not use white workbooks, but with geese yellow, because the color of the protection of eyesight. So the designer must be accurate to my market demand, color selection, and then use the color card to the market demand for the color reproduction.

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