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Wallpaper sample
- Aug 19, 2018 -

     Wallpaper sample, also known as wallpaper sample book, wallpaper version. The wallpaper sample is a sample book composed of wallpaper samples made by the wallpaper manufacturer for convenience and easy purchase between wallpaper buyers. Contains wallpaper samples and models and renderings.

Wallpaper Sample page number

     Most of the samples are about 80 pages. Between 30 pages and 150 pages, 30 pages are generally thicker wallpapers such as glass beads and flannel. More than 150 pages are mostly foreign wallpaper samples.

Wallpaper Sample weight

     A sample and a middle school student's schoolbag are about the same weight. The light sample is about 5 pounds, and the heavy sample is about 20 pounds. Usually 8 to 10 pounds.

Wallpaper Sample size

     The size of the small wallpaper sample is about the same size as an ordinary magazine, and the large sample can reach half of the table tennis table. Mainstream use is 0.53*0.53 (unit: m)

Wallpaper Sample period

     A new sample of the sample period, one year (maximum of two years)

Wallpaper Sample pattern

     A sample actually has several patterns (or patterns), but the same pattern can be combined with different colors to get different visual effects. The same pattern of wallpaper, the general material is the same.

Wallpaper Production process editing

    The wallpaper manufacturer cuts the newly produced wallpaper into one page and matches it with the designer's wallpaper renderings in the form of pagination. It is similar to the textbook format for people to read.

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