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Do You Know The Usefulness Of Color Cards?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Do you know the usefulness of color cards?


· 1,341 PANTONE spot colors, including 14 basic colors

· Sector format arranged in chromatographic order

· FSC-compliant text quantitative paper

· PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software to update PANTONE color in common design applications

· Ink mixing formula is marked by the proportion of parts

· Color positioning index

· Each color is identified by a unique PANTONE number or name

· Color range extended to the edge to make color inspection more convenient and accurate

· Includes ColorChecker® lighting indicators to assist in lighting assessment



· Provide a wide range of market-oriented color choices for unlimited creativity

·Chromatographically arranged colors make selection more intuitive

·Substrate stock meets current printing specifications and is environmentally friendly

· Compatible with current digital workflows - Easily update colors in major design applications

· All new spot colors can be created using the existing 14 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM basic color inks - no new equipment or training required

· All new colors are printed using a uniform ink layer thickness, enabling easy color matching on the press, eliminating the risk of color selection and validation

· Color exchange can be done by unique number or name, easy and convenient

Show the effect of printing with glossy coated paper and offset paper for each color

·The attached lighting index tool can determine whether the lighting conditions are suitable for accurate color selection and color matching

· Accompanying color correction tools make it easy to achieve color balance and creative control of digital images

The system is supported by a network of PANTONE franchisers worldwide

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