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Do You Know What A Color Card Is?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Do you know what a color card is?

ANTONE C/U color card


PANTONE Formulation Guide - Glossy Coated & Offset Paper (Two-Column CU Color Card)

Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coating and Uncoated (Double Guide Kit)

Origin: United States

Model Number: GP1301

Detailed introduction:

This new PLUS Series Formulation Guide [PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES] is the selection, matching and matching PANTONE spot color essential Posetone matching system? [PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM? ] Updated version of the tool. Cartographers, prepress professionals and printers now have 1341 color options - all current Pantone color system colors plus 224 new, market-recognized colors - new ink arrays arranged in chromatographic order to aid printing Mixed colors included. Color indexing, lighting evaluation tools and design software two volumes - glossy coated paper and offset paper.

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