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How To Make A Swatch Color Card
- Oct 11, 2018 -

How to make a swatch color card

Usually at work, if you are not doing manufacturing or some agent sales, you rarely touch the color card. The color card color is also very elaborate, but there are also people's intuitive impressions. Xiaobian has also done a small sample of color cards, made some color cards in the company, have some ideas, share with you, I hope to help!

Mainly whether you like it or not, or whether there is any meaning to the company or whether there is any correlation with the industry. The master's shape is actually a kind of "graphic" performance. The simplest shapes are squares, diamonds, rectangles, circles, and so on. Xiaobian has done a sample of the shape of a copper coin in the company. Later, many people brought it to others. The boss said that this is not a "send money". Later, it was changed again, and it should be noted when it is involved. Let's look at this similar situation.

Stringed into a string:

It is also possible to use a large ring or a small dot like a keychain, but it is suitable for the fabric itself. It is best to add a piece of cloth on one side of the fabric to win something, such as cardboard, and then create a string of the city, this effect will be better.

Paste on the swatch:

Arrange the fabric pieces of the shape to be arranged on the swatches. Some people like to place them at random. Indeed, if you design well, you will have a great sensory effect. However, it is recommended that friends with general design ability should be more disciplined, and the emission will be better, so that although the personality cannot be advertised, it is easy to find the color and it is very intuitive.

Do the cost child:

Some products are small, and the products are not many companies. In order to save some costs, many will be made into swatches. However, the company is larger in scale and has a lot of products. It also wants to highlight the height of the company or the product. It is recommended to make a color card book, one page at a time, so that there is a sense of level, and the material of the book. Must be good.

Embroidered color font:

According to the observation and experience of Xiao Bian, many friends write color words on top of or below the standard samples when doing color cards. Here, Xiaobian suggested that the individual prefers the cloth color sample or the word directly on the edge or corner of the colorless sample, which can better display the properties of the cloth color card.

Note or skill:

1. When the fabric color card does not involve a suitable shape, it is recommended to use a strip-shaped fabric color card, which is more intuitive to express its softness and silky feel.

2, in the embroidered words, the machine can be used organic, so neat, if the hand is good, if not, the spray is also possible; pay special attention to the color of the font can not be with the color The same color, it is recommended to generally use a longer wavelength of color, which is conducive to entering people's glasses, can be seen more clearly.

3, the cost of the page turning seam is best in the form of a loop, more high, but the cost will be more expensive

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