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The Management Of Textile Fabric Samples
- Feb 04, 2018 -

Sample basic information Maintenance: Maintain fabric sample pattern, specifications, pictures, production date, original customer, market, and market protection period. Detailed record of all the bullets, through the elastic, weft, knitting, woven, grain and other physical indicators.

Customer Sampling registration: Record each customer selected samples.

Sample Warehouse Management: Record the incoming data of each sample and keep abreast of the sample inventory.

Sample Label Printing: Support the sample label printing, batch printing, automatic barcode generation, the printed label can be pasted onto the hanging sample card.

Rights Management: Set the function of the people at all levels to apply permissions to ensure data security.

Basic information maintenance: Put on the market, currency, measurement units, countries, customers and so on.

Report query: Provide a variety of reports or queries based on the data.

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