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The Writing Of A Personal Memo
- Feb 03, 2018 -

As a personal memo, the memo is more a combination of time management than the basic purpose of recording a memo, which is the first step in the time management approach--collection.

The collection is done in three steps: Clear the task from the brain;
Fill in a collection of memos;
Prepare for next process
The work to be collected includes:
(1) Committing others ' affairs;
(2) What to do at work;
(3) Responsibilities to be borne in life;
(4) All kinds of chores in life;
(5) The idea of inspiration suddenly emerges;
(6) Receive the various materials, need to deal with.

The collection process should be paid attention to the complete collection. Do not leak a piece, so that the system can completely help you manage your life and work.

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