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What Is A Panton Color Card
- Nov 16, 2018 -

What is a panton color card

What is a panton color card? PANTONE color card color matching system, the Chinese official name is "Pan Tong". It is a world-renowned color communication system covering many fields, such as printing, and has become the de facto international color standard language. PANTONE color card customers come from graphic design, textile furniture, color management, outdoor architecture and interior decoration. As a globally recognized and leading color information provider, the Pantone Color Institute is also an important resource for the world's most influential media.

Customers in any part of the world, just specify a PANTONE color number, we can find the color sample of the color of the desired color, no need to speculate, but also avoid the trouble caused by the color of the computer screen and the color of the printing is not consistent with the actual color required by the customer. . Every year, Pantone, Inc. and its many franchise merchants in more than 100 countries around the world offer countless products and services in the fields of graphic arts, textiles, apparel, interior furnishings, plastics, architecture and industrial design.

For a long time, PANTON is a universal color card. We generally use 2 kinds, one is C/U card, and the other is TPX color card. As long as you put the selected PANTON color card number.

Report it, we can make proofs or spot. At the same time, the electronic color card also has a color number corresponding to the PAONTON color card.

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